Cyclades Island Hopping

Cyclades -which means 'circular islands'- is the most famous island group in the Aegean Sea with the most beautiful islands with their fantastic sandy beaches, crystal clear blue waters, Cycladic architecture, traditional lifestyle, history and warm people that can all make your trip a lifetime experience.

The Cyclades Island Hopping Tour gives you the opportunity to 'hop' every third day on another island including:

the cosmopolitan island with many churches, chapels and windmills,

the holy island, birthplace of Apollo and Artemis

the largest and richest island of Cyclades,

with the most important byzantine church of the Cyclades, the Ekatontapyliani (meaning the one with 100 doors) and

the 'Black Pearl of Greece'

Duration: You will need 10-12 days for all these islands. But if your time is less, we could leave one or two islands...for the next time!