Ouranoupolis with day trips

A unique pilgrimage, an experience, as everyone who was there say, is a visit to the Orthodox monastic republic, The holy Mount Athos. It is a great museum of Byzantine architecture and art, surrounded by the natural beauty of the peninsula.Your visit -which is allowed only to men- can be combined with a stay and additional excursions in and around Ouranoupolis.

This tour we recommend for those who would like to have a seaside stay and combine it with day trips.

It is also suggested for gentlemen who would like to visit the Holy Mount Athos for one or more days and leave their family enjoy a relaxing stay in Ouranoupolis.

In any case you should not miss to take part in a guided Athos Cruise with Yacht.

Also you can use Ouranoupolis as a departure point for guided day trips to Philippi-Kavala-Thassos or Pella (birthplace of Alexander the Great), the biblical Berea, Vergina and Thessaloniki

Duration - Tip: Five days would be enough but if you have more time it is a beautiful place to stay and relax.