Pindos: Zagoria - Vikos Gorge- Drakolimni (Dragonfly Lake)

Zagori, a region in the Pindos mountains of Epirus in northwestern Greece, is an area of great natural beauty with two National Parks one of which includes the river Aoos and the Vikos Gorge.

The 45 traditional villages of Zagoria constructed all with local stone were interconnected by mountain roads and traditional arched stone bridges.

After 8 days with a total of 30-37 trekking hours through stone-built villages, crossing stone bridges, walking and hiking through the Vikos Gorge which is the deepest in the World, along the Voidomatis river which dark blue water is one of the cleanest in Europe and maybe diving in it, an overnight stop in the refuge of Astraka, 2000 meters high, a breathtaking view from the top and a swim in the Dragon Lake you will be sure that you just have seen the paradise on earth!

Ideal for small groups of 2 - 12 persons