This 8-days trekking tour with a total of 23-28 trekking hours starts at the highest mountain in Greece (2919 meters) known as the home of the Twelve Olympian Gods of the ancient Greek world...

One of the most famous and favorite classical study tours of Greece since it allows you to follow some of Apostle Paul's traces and at the same time visit some Ancient, Biblical and Byzantine sites and places.

Travel in the South

This is an idea for those who want to explore the South of Greece only, including important stations of the Ancient and Byzantine period of Greece such as...

Athens, Delphi, Ancient Olympia, Monemvasia, Mystras, Epidaurus, Ancient Corinth and Mycenae.

The well organized guided tour will give you the chance to study in detail what the South of Greece has to offer you.



The tour could have a duration of 8-10 days depending on your wishes and perception.If you have time you could expand the stay with a seaside holiday in Peloponnese.


Tip. In the case you prefer coming by ship via Italy this is a suitable tour starting in Igoumenitsa and ending in Patras.

Greece Tour in 8 Days

8 days is a short time but still enough to get an idea and visit some of the most important places of interest in Greece and come a little closer to its history.

It mixes highlights of ancient and biblical history as it includes sightseeing of the most important sites of ancient Greece and some of the active places of Apostle Paul.

Traveling from North to South and back you will visit Kalambaka with its famous Meteora Monasteries, Athens, Corinth, Argolis, Ancient Olympia, Delphi and Thessaloniki.

It is ideal for small groups, for schools and family groups.